The evolution of the Marketing Concept

Many people often mistake marketing to selling. A good salesman could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo is how the industry defines a salesman. But on the contrary, marketing is a much broader concept compared to sales. It is not only about selling the fridge to the Eskimo, but everything that is involved in the process from attracting the customer to retaining him with the product. In short it is about finding ways to make the Eskimo purchase the fridge over and over again. However the concept of marketing evolved over a long period of time. Basically the process could be categorized in to 5 main stages.
Production concept
Whenever supply is less than demand production concept becomes practical. In the evolutionary process of marketing during the world wars, factories couldn’t afford enough human labor. As a result production output was less. But the demand was remaining the same. During this background, production concept was identified. Production concept holds the view that consumers favored products that were available and affordable.
Product concept
After world wars factories could once again increase production level. They could supply an equal amount which is demanded. In this situation seller has to attract customer by offering a better product than other suppliers. So the customer will ask for products which are of improved quality, performance and with added features.
Selling concept
When supply is greater than demand, producer has to aggressively promote and sell their products. The assumption here is that consumers as unwilling customers whose inherent opposition must be overcome to make a sale. The selling concept has made many suppliers to bear a huge will of advertising. In earlier concepts there was no requirement to advertise heavily.
Marketing concept
The marketing concept for the first time looked into an “outside in” approach. That is, first identifying what the customer requires and then tries to produce that in the factory. Customers require not a specific form of a product but what they need is an outcome. The main objective of the concept is not to improve an existing product, to advertise it or to keep producing more of the product but to properly identify customer needs and craft a product to suit them.
Societal marketing concept
This concept looks into the possibility of balancing three requirements in order as
• Profit of a company
• Satisfaction of the customer
• Well-being of the society.
If all three is balanced then the organization is following societal marketing concept. CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects and sustainable development are concepts developed because of societal marketing concept.

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